Touro Board 2018-19

First Row: (l-r) Nate Lury, retired board member; Steven White, board member; Peter Silverman, Friendship Lodge treasurer; Michael Smith, board member; Stuart Solup, Harmony Lodge secretary; Richard Levenson, Harmony Lodge president; Jeffrey Stoloff, Friendship Lodge vice president; Barry Schiff, board member. Second Row: (l-r) Bruce Wasser, association secretary; David Altman, Friendship Lodge secretary; Barry Ackerman, board member; Alan Lury, board chairman; Jed R. Brandes, board chairman emeritus; Robert Miller, board chairman emeritus; Andrew Lamchick, board member; Jeffrey Harpel, Friendship Lodge inside guard. Third Row: (l-r) Larry Berman, board member; Ried Redlich, board member; Steven Waldman, association treasurer; Mitchell Cohen, inside guard; Jeffrey Davis, board member; Bruce Weisman, board member; Michael Levin, former board member; Norman Dinerman, board member; Steven Hopfenberg, Harmony Lodge vice president. Missing: Stevan Labush, board vice chairman; Max Guarino, Friendship Lodge president; Andrew Gilstein, board member; David Mossberg, Harmony Lodge treasurer; David Weisman, Harmony Lodge inside guard.


Chairman: Alan D. Lury
Vice Chairman: Stevan Labush
Secretary: Bruce Wasser
Treasurer: Steven Waldman
President, Harmony Lodge: Richard. Levenson
President, Friendship Lodge: Max Guarino
Chairman Emeritus: Robert D. Miller
Chairman Emeritus: Jed R. Brandes

Administrator: Peter Hodosh

Barry Ackerman
Norman Dinerman
Ried Redlich
Steven Waldman
Larry Berman
Andrew Gilstein
Barry Schiff
Bruce Weisman
Jeffrey Davis
Andrew Lamchick
Michael Smith
Steven White

Chaplain: Barry Schiff 
Inside Guard: Mitchell Cohen



President: Richard. Levenson
Vice President: Steven Hopfenberg
Secretary: Stuart Solup
Treasurer: David Mossberg
Inside Guard: David Weisman
Faithful Guide: Ried Redlich

President:  Max Guarino
Vice President: Jeffrey Stoloff
Secretary: David Altman
Treasurer: Peter Silverman
Inside Guard: Jeffrey Harpel
Faithful Guide: Ried Redlich


For a complete list of our committees, which represent the heart, brains and spirit of Touro Fraternal Association, click here.

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