Membership Drive 2015/2016

To help get your recruiting juices flowing, the Membership Committee has implemented a year-long comprehensive incentive program. It has set a goal of increasing our ranks by at least 25 regular members. The program will run through the 2016 June Steak Fry. When you bring in your first new regular member, you will receive a $10 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. Once you bring in your third regular member, you will receive a high quality golf shirt embroidered with Touro’s new Centennial Logo. Any brother who recruits five new regular members will receive free admission for himself, one of his sponsored recruits and their significant others to a Two-fer of their choice. There will also be rewards if we meet goals collectively as a group. Once we reach twenty new members, the brother who brings in the most new members (with a minimum of 5) will receive two tickets to an All Pro VIP Patriots Tailgate Party.

Then we have a Grand Prize, if we sign up twenty five regular members, all the new brothers, their sponsors and their significant others will be Touro’s guests at a first class catered gala with entertainment. Prizes are great, but we also want to instill a sense of pride. To that end, we will also commemorate the efforts of the best recruiters with a plaque in the hall.

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