Touro Fraternal Membership

Touro Fraternal regular membership, with full benefits, is open to qualified Jewish men and their wives who have not reached their 53rd birthday.  Those not eligible for regular membership may become Social members and participate in all of Touro’s events. Regular Membership Application – Ages 18-52 Social  Membership Application – Ages 53 and Above

Member Benefits

Your Touro membership brings you more than social  events, family functions, meetings, good food and camaraderie. Here are just a  few of the “perks” you and your family can expect from the largest  independent Jewish fraternal order in New England, Touro Fraternal Association.

STUDENT FINANCIAL AID This year, the association has budgeted $51,000 to Student Financial Aid. $36,000 may be awarded in the form of interest-free loans. Regular Touro members, their children and the children of deceased regular members attending accredited institutions of higher learning are eligible to apply for loans of up to $3,000 per year.  Eligible persons may borrow up to $12,000 over the course of their educational careers.  An additional $15,000 may be awarded in the form of three $5,000 grants. Regular Touro members, their spouses and children, and the children of deceased regular Touro members attending accredited institutions of higher learning are eligible to apply for the grants. Previous grant winners are excluded from eligibility.

DISCOUNT THEATER TICKETS All Touro members earn special group rates for selected performances at the  Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC), Ocean State Theatre, Trinity, and Newport Playhouse.

SICK BENEFITS Included in your Touro annual dues is a Sick Benefit plan under which qualified  regular members can collect up to 15 weeks of sick benefits.

MORTUARY BENEFIT Since its inception in 1918 Touro has paid a mortuary benefit to qualified  beneficiaries of regular members. All new regular members receive a benefit of  $2,000. Attention current regular members: Be sure your beneficiary information is up  to date. Contact the Touro office if you have a question or want forms to  change the beneficiary.

GRAVESITES Every regular member is entitled to a free gravesite on Touro land at Lincoln  Park Cemetery as long as land is available. Sites are assigned in rotation at  the time of need. The adjoining one may be reserved for the member’s spouse at  a considerably reduced rate.

FUNERAL HOME DISCOUNTS Rhode Island Jewish funeral homes offer special discounts to Touro members and their families.

Membership Incentives

  1. A member who brings in a new “Regular” Member receives a $25 Panera card upon his initiation.
  2. All members who bring in a new “Regular” Member in 2021 will be entered in a raffle for a $250 Gift Card. The winner will be chosen in December of 2021.
  3. New Regular Members $25 initiation fee will be waived for all of 2021. Plus, New Regular Members will pay 50% of regular dues for all of 2021.
Mail Touro at: PO BOX 3562 Cranston, RI 02910
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