2022 – 2023

Chairman: Stevan Labush
Vice Chairman: Jeffrey Davis
Secretary: Bruce Wasser
Treasurer: Jonathan Finkle
President, Harmony Lodge: Barry Schiff
President, Friendship Lodge: Barry Ackerman
Chairman Emeritus: Robert D. Miller
Chairman Emeritus: Jed R. Brandes
Chairman Emeritus: Alan D. Lury

Administrator: Peter Hodosh

Barry Ackerman
Larry Berman
Jed Brandes
Jeffrey Davis
Andrew Gilstein
Max Guarino
Adam Finkelstein
Stevan Labush
Andrew Lamchick
Alan Lury
Robert Miller
Ried Redlich
Barry Schiff
Michael Smith
Bruce Weisman

Chaplain: David Weisman
Inside Guard: Mitchell Cohen


President: Barry Schiff
Vice President: Alexander Leach
Secretary: David Nicolato
Treasurer: Jonathan Finkle
Inside Guard: Mitchell Cohen
Faithful Guide: Ried Redlich

President:  Barry Ackerman
Vice President: David Altman
Secretary: Adam Finkelstein
Treasurer: Scott Halsband
Inside Guard: David Weisman
Faithful Guide: Ried Redlich


For a complete list of our committees,
which represent the heart, brains and spirit of Touro Fraternal Association, click here.

Board Chairs

Jacob A Eaton 1918-21
Philip Joslin 1921-26
Sol S Bromson 1927-40
David C Adelman 1941, 46-47
Edward I Friedman 1942-45
Leo Greenberg 1948-53
Louis I Sweet 1954-57
Joseph Engle 1958-71
Si Chorney 1972
Dr. Marshall K Bornstein 1973-88
Arthur Poulten 1989-2001
Robert D Miller 2001-2013
Jed R Brandes 2013-2018
Alan D Lury 2018-2020
Stevan H Labush 2020-

Touro Fraternal Association has offered Jewish men a sense of fraternalism, community, and belonging. Our successes have been achieved through the efforts of our continuously growing membership.

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Cranston, RI 02910
P: (401) 785 – 0066
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PO BOX 3562
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